Lampuuk beach

Lampuuk beach - Lampuuk beach is one of the most impressive beach for me. He extends from north to south. Once, before the tsunami occurred, the beach is filled with fresh fish vendors equipped with places to eat. They will be offered to bake and memasakan fish are to be directly enjoyed by visitors to the beach. But this time do not seem any place to eat like that anymore. As if to go along with the fir tree hedge entirely at the shoreline which collapsed due to scour the tsunami five years ago.

doxycycline buy online without a prescription justify; "> Last week I decided to spend my weekend with menunjungi beach in Meunasah Masjid, Lhoknga - Aceh Besar. It is located only about about 15 KM from the city of Banda Aceh (Banda Aceh with a path - Calang). So as to reach me takes 30 minutes by bike.
I really enjoyed it. Stretch of white sand and the waves licking like a giant magnet that held me back for not budging. Sunlight reflecting an amazing mirage. Sepoinya wind cure thirst mengerang.Beberapa visitors seen running around at the shoreline, there is also a dive with the waves, surfing the waves hit, or just staring at the sea that is not berpenghujung. Recreation buy cheap Amoxil online without prescription to the beach this is the

right choice to spend the weekend periods. Tired of ambush seemed to disappear when the feet start stepping on the white sand.
Lampuuk beach was fairly crowded on holidays, from noon until dusk came. So if you want to enjoy serenity, be sure to choose a normal working day. However, although crowded, wide beaches stretching can still accommodate hundreds or even thousands of people who want to enjoy the atmosphere of the sunset here.
Compared to the beach - another beach in Banda Aceh, Lampuuk Beach is the most complete beach facilities and infrastructure. amoxicillin public toilets and some simple cafes to rest mostly found along this coast. Even at this beach there is also the life guard tower supervisor, like a Baywatch movie. The existence of a rescue team was initiated by a local organization that was initially driven by foreign workers who work in Banda Aceh.
In addition, the manager of the beach also provides a banana boat. Seemed eager to spur up the adrenaline with a boat that looks like a banana. But, when looking at the people who plunged into the water after a while invited spinning, my desire melted. I'm afraid of depths.
Lampuuk Beach section most of buy cheap amoxil online tip also left its own exoticism directly adjacent to steep and high walls. Blue water green fluorescent nan, integrated with order diflucan blue sky and green trees on the steep hill. Westernunion a friend florence hill looked steep wall and mumbled the desire to climb it. Surely it is also felt by the audience of the length of the wall when approaching this location.
Another beautiful scenery as the sun before sinking, sunset at Lampuuk is a truly beautiful sight unfortunately that pass up. Regular waves that accompanied the wind swinging mendayu, is a romantic blend.
Not to mention while enjoying grilled sweet corn and coconut ice are served directly by the shell plus running on coconut lime buy cheap Ampicillin online Drugstore, the joy!
However maghrib prayer reverberated, immediately prepared to leave the beach, if you do not want your memories harassed by some local youths who did not hesitate to expel visitors online generic levitra buy beach to get away from this location.

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